Some suggestion for the capital of 帶方

投稿者[ Korea ] 発言日時 [6月9日(日)03時51分28秒]

元の発言 [ Some information on 風納土城 ] お名前 [ Korea ] 日付 [ 6月9日(日)03時29分07秒 ]

One more comment for 帶方.,

I think 帶方 and the capital of the 帶方 should be localized within the tombs showing the chinese influences.
The brickwalled tombs (專築墳, sorry, no fonts for brick. 專 is only substitute.) seem to be the case. It was constructed during 3rd century, and the domain in which the tomb was found has been reported by several scholars. So, the capital of the 帶方 should be present within the region, I think so.
Below is the map showing the distribution of brickwalled tombs.Please Click!!

Of two figures, the upper one is for the distribution of the brickwalled tomb.



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