Name Casino Date
Real name Mikiko Jo
Birth date 23 Sep. 1967
Birth place Suginami, Tokyo, Japan
Living place Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Favorite colors black, gray, blue
Favorite foods Hershey's milk chocolate, Dairy Queen's caramel soft, milk, egg, custard pudding, celery, green pepper, tomato, anchovy, hummus with zhoug
Favorite clothes Tshirt & blue jean (and heavy boots)
Favorite movies The Blues Brothers, Reservoir Dogs, Charade, Diva, The Sting, Top Secret!, Radio Days, Desperado, The Adventures of Priscilla, Partners, Müllers Büro, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, A clockwork Orange, Monty Python's the Meaning of Life, MASH, The Great Escape, Escape of the Birdman etc.
Favorite TV programs (except Japanese ones) Garrison's Gorillas, The A-Team, Sledge Hammer!, Soap, Starsky & Hutch, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mission Impossible (the earliest), The Rat Patrol, The Untouchables, Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Galloping Gourmet, Impossibles, Penelope, Josie and the Pussycats, The Funky Phantom, Saturday Night Live (the earliest)
Favorite music all what I feel "good", especially contemporary male a cappella, salsa, merengue, bossa nova, tango, mambo, samba, American oldies ('50s & '60s), old sound tracks, C&W, raggae-like ska etc.
Favorite musicians Teapacks (Tipex), Neri per Caso, Five O'clock Shadow, Rockapella/Sean Altman, Ridillo, Eddy Napoli, Dirotta su Cuba, Principe & Socio M., Mau Mau, Raggae National Tickets, Balanço, Marc Anthony, The Manhattan Transfer, The Nylons, The Andrews Sisters, The Star Sisters, Nat King Cole, 3 Mustaphas 3, Pink Martini, Shara, Carmen Miranda, Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66, Magali Bonfils, Sarit Hadad, The Hollies, The Blues Brothers, Alfred Hause, Taco, Sublime, Matt Bianco, Baha Men, Village People, Roby Lakatos, Energipsy, BIFF ets.
Favorite composers J.S.Bach, E.Satie, Scott Joplin, Leroy Anderson, Claudio Mattone, Lalo Schifrin, Masayuki Yamamoto, Sean Altman, Kobi Oz etc.
The best singers Mimì Caravano (Neri per Caso), Sean Altman (ex-Rockapella), Oren Malka (Five O'clock Shadow), Eddy Napoli
Occupations 1. editor for an organ about chain-store management
2. private tutor (maths and sciences) for high school or junior high school students
Ex-occupations waitress at an Indian restaurant, scenario writer, illustrator, part-timer at an exterior design office, tutor at high schools etc.
Hobbies sleeping, gardening (at the veranda)... for now
Family father, mother, younger sister, younger brother and cats (living apart from me)
Neccessities Marlboro (red box), milk coffee, fav. music, glasses, pain killer
Other things F, height 164cm, Rh+A, golden pegasus, Win98 user, nocturnal

Chronicle (1)
1967-1972 grew mainly in the house
1972-1974 had to go to a kindergarten but hardly went there
1974-1980 went to an elementary scool
1980-1983 went to a junior high school
1983-1986 went to a high school
1986-1990 went to a science college and studied chemistry
(my professional was chemical education)
1986- began to work as a private tutor
1990-1994 worked at a high school as a sciences tutor
1990-1991 worked at an another high school as a biology tutor
1991-1992 worked at a cram school as a maths tutor
1992-1993 worked at an extrior design office
1992- began to work as an editor with my dad

Chronicle (2)
1967-1974 I just listened to music which my granpa or my mom played by vinyls or cassette tapes.
Sometimes my dad played the guitar and sang for us.
Sergio Mendes,
classic music,
movie theme music,
(so-called) standard music
1972-1974 When I went to the kindergarten, what I did were singing (hymns etc.) or drawing.
1974-1975 I took lessons of Yamaha Electone (a kind of keyboards) for a year. Japanese pops
1974 I gave up playing the guitar. But still now I have an e-guitar.
1974 My granpa's sister who was an opera singer invited me to take her classic singing lesson and to become an opera singer. I rejected her invitation. Because I was not interested in opera.
1974-1976 I played the harmonica almost everyday.
1975 or 76 My father who was a music event planner asked my sister and me if we would debut as a duo pops singers. Because at that time brothers groups singing pops (like Jackson5) were popular in Japan. I rejected his invitation. Because I wanted to become a surgeon, not a singer.
1976-1980 I played the soprano recorder almost everyday.
1977 I bought an e-bass guitar but soon I realized I should give up playing it.
1977-1978 I joined an instruments ensamble at an another elementary school and played the flute, but soon quitted because the school was too far.
1979-1980 Joining a music club at my school, I played various instruments (but strings or drums) and sang.
Because of that, at almost events of the school I played or sang something especially.
1980-1981 I took lessons of Yamaha Electone for a year (again). American oldies
(60s and older),
oldies in the other countries,
jazz vocal,
big band jazz
1980-1982 My voice began to break. As I didn't think a girl broke her voice, I thought I became tone-deaf.
1982 I got to know I had not been tone-deaf. My voice had changed into alto.
1983 (?) I was given a clarinet but I hardly played it. boys choirs,
contemporary a cappella,
traditional music
(world music,
etno music)
1984 I began to compose songs though I've already arranged songs since in my low-teens.
1986-1987 Joining a chorus club at the college, I sang classics (Masses in Latin or in German). Although I wanted to join an a cappella group, it wasn't there.
1990-1994 I composed songs and played music at a high school with tutors and teachers. bossa nova,
salsa etc.
(with vocal/ chorus)
1994-1995 I took lessons of pops singing. I lent my e-bass guitar to the school (it has not returned).
1995 I took a bit lessons of flute, piano and trombone. I began to take lessons of alto sax.
I found that carrying a tenor trombone and an alto sax at once was very hard for me.
1996 I took lessons of jazz singing. Italian pops
1996 I bought an accordion to play it at my closest friend's wedding banquet because I can't sing with playing the sax. As another friend playing the guitar and I playing the accordion sang our original songs there, we were misunderstood that we must have been professional music group.
now I think I have to go to the sax lesson. But, to tell the truth, I prefer singing lessons because instruments are heavy to carry. Or I prefer taking lessons of light instruments like the violin or the oud though they are strings. Israeli mizrakhi pops