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The reason in very simple.
 It is certainly plain stupidity to believe there are group of leaders to whom
 the whole world can entrust its security and welfare.

 Think about the history, think about the human nature, and think about
 anything about the domain of humanity.  Then you will easily find nothing
 can support for the idea.

 Much better to endeavor your individual progress toward idealism through
 constant soul-searching.

 World Federation means the power of the world, which solely belongs to
 no man but God!


              I visited your site and voted no on a one world government. I
voted no because if everything is all peaceful it's really quite the
opposite, we would have to give all the other countries (even our enemies)
high-tech and demolition weapons, they would still have their grudges and
hate, so they would use the bombs and backfire on us, it's basically an
ambush trap. It would take freedom away from you and I, The government would
control your life, and no one would have the freedom to worship their own
god or do as they want.
                                        a 13 year old boy  1999.05.14

I went to your site on peace. Unfortuanetally, there cannot be peace
everywhere. International terrorists will rebel and disobey their countries
laws. Murderers are still running countries, armies are still massing in
numbers, people are still dying. However I voted no on a one world
government. I like the freedoms I have, and if one world government took
over, they would take my rights away from me and make me obey orders from
foreign military leaders. There may not be a need for armies in this but,
there still will be, and the allied countries would have to give their
technology to the enemy countries, enabeling their chances to destroy the
allied countries, I've read and researched this. It scared me to think the
US constitution would be deminished. As where I researched it and saw where
it is all headed, they will kill anyone who does not follow their
International Security laws, which I saw to be harsh and demanding.
                                      a 13 year old boy 1999.05.14