3CD title : The Apocalypse country : US company : PLANET RECORDS code : CDDE1003-1/3 03/??/82 Disc-1, 1,5:Ron McGovney's Garage Demo 03/??/82 Disc-1, 2- 4:DIAMOND HEAD cover Demo 04/??/82 Disc-1, 5- 9:"Power Metal" Demo 07/??/82 Disc-1, 10-15:"No Life'til Leather" Demo 82 Disc-2, 1- 2:Demo 03/16/83 Disc-2, 3- 4:"Whiplash" Demo 85 Disc-2, 5:3rd album Demo(+vocal track) 07/14/85? Disc-2, 6- 9:3rd album Demo 11/??/87 Disc-2, 10:taken from "One" 12"(METG512) single A-side 11/13/87? Disc-2, 11-13:4th album Demo ??/??/90 Disc-3, 1:"Stone Cold Crazy" studio take(taken from "Rubaiyat") 08/??/90 Disc-3, 2- 3:5th album Demo 08/13/90 Disc-3, 4:taken from "Enter Sandman" 12"single B-side 08/13/90 Disc-3, 5:taken from "Nothing else Matters" 12"single B-side 84 Disc-3 6,8:MEGADETH Demo 87 Disc-3,9,11-12:taken from "The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited" 08/13/90 Disc-3, 10:taken from "Wherever I May Roam" 12"single B-side 10/12-17/94 Disc-3, 13-15:IR8 Demo(Jason's side project) 91? Disc-3, 16:taken from "Sad but True" 12"single B-side Disc-1 Disc-2 1:Hit the Lights 1:Killing Time 2:Sucking My Love 2:let it Loose 3:Am I Evil? 3:Whiplash 4:The Prince 4:No Remorse 5:Jump in the Fire 5:Welcome Home 6:Hit the Lights 6:Disposable Heroes take 1 7:The Mechanix 7:Disposable Heroes take 2 8:Motorbreath 8:Battery 9:Jump in the Fire 9:Welcome Home(sanitarium) 10:Hit the Lights Orion 11:The Mechanix 10:One 12:Motorbreath 11:Frayed Ends of Sanity 13:Jump in the Fire 12:Eye of the Beholder 14:Seek and Destroy 13:Blackened 15:Metal Militia Disc-3 1:Stone Cold Crazy 2:Sad but True 3:Holier than Thou 4:Enter Sandman 5:Nothing else Matters 6:Last Rites/Love to Death 7:The Unforgiven 8:The Skull Beneath the Skin- 9:The Wait 10:Wherever I May Roam 11:Last Caress 12:Green Hell 13:Colossus 14:Nothing 15:Black on Black 16:Nothing else Matters(elevator version) Disc-1,5- 9: wrong tape speed w/box