Windham Hill Discography
the first 106 titles




WH-1001 William Ackerman/Turtle's Navel
WH-1002 Linda Waterfall/Mary's Garden*
WH-1003 William Ackerman/It Takes A Year
WH-1004 Alex de Grassi/Turning:Turning Back
WH-1005 Robbie Basho/Visions of the Country*
WH-1006 Wiliam Ackerman/Childhood and Memory
WH-1007 (no title)
WH-1008 Bill Quist/Piano Solos of Erick Satie
WH-1009 Alex de Grassi/Slow Circle
WH-1010 Robbie Basho/Art of the 6 and 12-string Guitar*
[Later re-issued on "Lost Lake Arts",which is a sublabel of Windham Hill]
WH-1011 David Qualey/Soliloquy
WH-1012 George Winston/Autumn
WH-1013 Daniel Hecht/Willow
WH-1014 William Ackerman/Passage
WH-1015 Sampler '81
WH-1016 Scott Cossu/Wind Dance
WH-1017 Michael Hedges/Breakfast in the Field
WH-1018 Alex de Grassi/Clockwork
WH-1019 George Winston/Winter into Spring
WH-1020 Ira Stein + Russel Walder/Elements
WH-1021 Darol Anger + Barbara Higbie/Tideline
WH-1022 Shadowfax/Shadowfax
WH-1023 Liz Story/Solid Colors
WH-1024 Sampler '82
WH-1025 George Winston/December
WH-1026 An Evening with Windham Hill Live
WH-1027 Mark Isham/Vapor Drawings
WH-1028 William Ackerman/Past Light
WH-1029 Shadowfax/Shadowdance
WH-1030 Alex de Grassi/Sounthern Exposure
WH-1031 Billy Oskay and Micheal ODomhnail/Nightnoise
WH-1032 Michael Hedges/Aerial Boundaries
WH-1033 Scott Cossu/Islands
WH-1034 Liz Story/Unaccountable Effect
WH-1035 Sampler '84
WH-1036 Darol Anger + Barbara Higbie Quintet/Live at Montreux
WH-1037 Philip Aaberg/High Plains
WH-1038 Shadowfax/Dreams of Children
WH-1039 Country (Movie Soundtrack)
WH-1040 Piano Sampler
WH-1041 Mark Isham/Film Music
WH-1042 Ira Stein + Russel Walder/Transit
WH-1043 Mike Marshall + Darol Anger/Chiaroscuro
WH-1044 Michael Manring/Unusual Weather
WH-1045 A Winter's Solstice
WH-1046 Malcolm Dalglish/Jogging the Memory
WH-1047 Interior/Interior
WH-1048 Sampler '86
WH-1049 Scott Cossu with Eugene Friesen/Reunion
WH-1050 William Ackerman/Conferring with the Moon
WH-1051 Shadowfax/Too Far to Whisper
WH-1052 (no title) ?
WH-1053 (no title) ?
WH-1054 (no title) ?
WH-1055 The Shape of the Land (Movie Soundtrack)
WH-1056 Wim Mertens/Close Cover
WH-1057 Nightnoise/Something of Time
WH-1058 Montreux/Sign Language
WH-1059 Wiliam Allaudin Mathieu/Available Light
WH-1060 Shonherz and Scott/One Night in Vienna
WH-1061 Tim Story/Glass Green
WH-1062 Soul of the Machine
WH-1063 Scott Cossu/She Describes Infinity
WH-1064 Rubaja and Hernandez/High Plateaux
WH-1065 Sampler '88
WH-1066 Michael Hedges/Live on the Double Planet
WH-1067 Interior/Design
WH-1068 Metamora/Morning Walk
WH-1069 Philip Aaberg/Out of the Frame
WH-1070 Ian Matteus/Walking a Changing Line
WH-1071 Fred Simon/Usually/Always
WH-1072 Guitar Sampler
WH-1073 Philippe Saisse/Valerian
WH-1074 Therese Schroeder-Shaker/The Queen's Minstrel
WH-1075 Paul McCandless/Heresay
WH-1076 Nightnoise/At the End of the Evening
WH-1077 A Winter's Solstice 2
WH-1078 William Ackerman/Imaginary Roads
WH-1079 Wim Mertens/Whisper Me
WH-1080 Mark Isham/Tibet
WH-1081 Scott Cossu/Switchback
WH-1082 Sampler '89
WH-1083 Michael Manring/Toward the Center of the Night
WH-1084 Montreux/Let Them Say
WH-1085 The Nylons/Rockapella
WH-1086 Legacy:A Collection of New Folk Music
WH-1087 Pierce Pettis/While the Serpent Lies Sleeping
WH-1088 Philip Aaberg/Upright
WH-1089 John Gorka/Land of the Bottom Line
WH-1090 Barbara Higbie/Signs of Life
WH-1091 Modern Mandolin Quartet/Intermezzo
WH-1092 Cliff Eberhardt/The Long Road
WH-1093 Micheal Hedges/Taproot
WH-1094 French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson/Invisible Means
WH-1095 Windham Hill: The First Ten Years
WH-1096 David Torn/door X
WH-1097 Nightnoise/The Parting Tide
WH-1098 A Winter's Solstice 3
WH-1099 Liz Story/Escape of the Circus Ponies
WH-1100 Alex de Grassi/Deep at Night
WD-1101 Michael Manring/Drastic Measures
WD-1102 Mark Isham/Songs My Children Taught Me
WD-1104 Shadowfax/What Goes Around (Best)
WD-1105 Schonherz & Scott/Under a Big Sky
WD-1106 Guitar Sampler II


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