Monthly Labor of Japan
November 1999, No.361 since 1969
Editorial: A criticality disaster in the enriched uranium plant
----The Employees' Union of the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute made public
on the October 16th, 1999, its own findings that residents near the plant might have
been exposed to much more neutrons than the threshold level in Japan. Page 1

Fieatures: The 30 th Anniversary of the Monthly Labor of Japan:
(1) The fall of the Japanese Socialist Party triggered by the Coalition Cabinet headed
by Mr. Tomiichi MURAYAMA, socialist, in 1993
by Masaichi OHTAKE, General Secretary of the Social Democracy Society of Japan.
Page 2

(2) Critical comments on the modern socialist movement
by Kuni UEMURA Page 10

(3) What the 20th century socialism taught us
by Tetsuzoh NAKANO, Page 16
The history of the last 30 years (1) by Tasuke MASUYAMA in Shizuoka Page 22
(2) by Masatatsu OHTSUKA in Tokyo Page 23
(3) by Tetsushi YONEZAWA in Kyoto Page 23
(4) by Hideo YOSHIDA in Shimane Page 23
The TUC Conference
by Mitsuko YAMAMOTO in the U.K Page 26

The new agreement between the U.S. and North Korea in Berlin, September 12, 1999 is
expected to open a new horizon for the Korean Peninsula
by Ryuji OHTAKI in Pusan, South Korea Page27

Voices of the Japanese Islands:
(1).Etsuko YAMADA and others have been afflicted under a false charge for 25 years
by Masae TARUMI Page 28
(2) Why the 2000 Summit is held in Okinawa
by Morio SASAKI Page 29
(3) A meeting was held against a new landing run in the Narita Airport
by Akira YAMANAKA Page 29
(4) A coordinating committee is organized by a number of people in Okinawa, who are
opposed to establish a new airbase in Okinawa, in order to remove the Futenma Airbase
by Takeshi OBATA Page 30

The SPD'defeats in local elections
by Hajime ONO, instructor at the Engineering University in Tokyo Page 32

Obituary: Goroh TERAO
by Hiroaki ISHIWATARI Page 34

Is the economic recovery of Japan true? (2)
by Setsuo FURIHATA, professor at the Teikyo University Page36

My perception of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (6)
By Yoshiyuki KUROIWA Page 40

Economic Focuses: The dollar in trouble
by Takashi HACHIYA Page 44

Books: Page46
" The true story of kidnapping Mr.Kim from a Japanese hotel 1973"
published by Sanichi Shoboh in Tokyo
" The Constitution and State" by Yohichi HIGUCHI, published by Iwanami Shoten

International: Page 47
Mr. Lafontaine made a serious miscalculation

Letters to the Editor: Page 48
About the article on the National Conference of the Postal Workers' Union carried in the
September issue
by Fujio OHMAKI

On the September issue
by Genji TAKANO

About a book review on " Principles to be upheld by minor countries"
by Kazuo ISHII

The Clean Party controlled by a religious sect
by Tomoaki SHIBATA

Mr. Nomura's suggestions on Nov. 5th
a. 30th Anniversary of
b. La Fontaine
c. No more details for " Letters to Editor"

The 30th Anniversary of the Monthly Labor of Japan ?