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"Celebrating achievements" around the world


Holland #1

@ To celebrate achievements, the Dutch have many rituals, depending on the achievement, for instance, two men finishing a demanding job, to can plop down and light a cigar. A mother who had her kids helping her with this weeks groceries, might present them with an icecream, or candy.

Dodging a fine calls for a round at the bar, while a victory of the National Soccerteam lead to people jumping in their cars to speed around town with their hands locked on the horn.

The queen's birthday is a national celebration with people selling their old stuff on streetcorners.

Another national cultural habit of late is much darker in nature. It occurs many times that people are murdered out in the public for no reason at all. (Around seven in the last four years) When that happens, people come together by the thousands to participate in a silent march, to parpicipate in the grieving of the victims next of kin.

@Sunday, March 11, 2001 Eduard Bock-san
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