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Malta 1
Hi I'm Stefie from Malta, Europe. I found your site very interesting and would like to contribute to it.

Here in Malta we have a tradition which I don't think exists anywhere else.

On a child's first birthday we lay out several things out on the floor or on a carpet, each object signifies a profession or richness, etc. in the child's future. The child is then put sitting down in front of these objects and the first object the child touches is supposed to foretell what the child will grow up to be in the future. The objects we lay out are usually a pen for a writer, an inch tape for tailor or seamstress, a rosary bead for a religious person, a hard boiled egg means the child will have a house full of things, money for an accountant, a thermometer for doctor, a piece of gold for a person who likes jewellery. You can think of other things to add on.

My generation don't really believe in it any more, but we carry out the tradition during the child's birthday party just for the fun of it. We call the tradition il-quccija.

Stefanie Meekers-san, Malta

See Who organaized these rules! ("And the third is the song 'Happy Birthday to You'. This song is sung in any country that has a custom to sing the song on birthdays. The words may be translated into their own languages respectively, but everybody wishes a happy birthday by singing it.")

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