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Since October 12, 1997 Updated February 25, 2006 (JST)

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When learning about other cultures it follows that you come to think about your own culture more deeply. By knowing about other ways of thinking your choices in life increase, your life is enriched as you become free of the constraints of your own culture and your eyes are opened to your own potential.

Nobody can choose their parents, their physical appearance, their country of origin or their mother tongue. At some time we are born somewhere on this earth with the physical attributes we inherited from our parents. By chance, some people are born in countries where the average life expectancy exceeds 80 years, while others born on the same day at the same time, are born into countries of mass slaughter where the average life expectancy does not even reach 40 years.

People, wherever they live, are steeped in the culture they happened to be born into; they understand its values, use it as a standard and feel it is completely natural. When you begin to examine differences in culture, what may appear on the surface to be completely divergent ideas, are ideas that are actually based on similar human thoughts. Rather than differences, connections between cultures become apparent.

Think of "Multiculturalpedia" as an encyclopedia where you can enjoy learning about other cultures. Here the wisdom of various cultures of the world is introduced. As you use this encyclopedia, without realising it, you will gain deep respect and reverence for different cultures and people. Even after closing this encyclopedia you will find that it lives on when reading newspaper headlines or when watching the news on television. You will have a new concern for peoples to whom you had previously never paid much attention.

Most of the information displayed here has been obtained directly from natives of the various countries. We are presenting information that we have gleaned from our own experiences, however, it should not be considered absolute. Individuals are not representative of a culture, they can only represent a small part of it. Naturally there are other traditions and alternative ways of thinking within the same country. Therefore, please do not stereotype countries or people based on the information displayed here.

Keeping this important point in mind, we hope you will enjoy using this site.

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