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Treat or split the bill around the world

Translated by Megumi Kai-san and Matthew Meritt-san

The Republic of Korea-1-

I'll tell you about an interesting thing I remembered.

The school I went to had many South Korean students. We often went out to eat together when someone had a birthday. What you might find interesting is that the person whose birthday it was treated everyone. This is the opposite of Japan. Koreans do this on celebratory of congratulatory occasions.

I'm sorry if this has already been a topic. If any South Korean students reading this notice any mistakes, please correct them. (by Namakura)

Hello Namakura!
This is interesting. Why do Koreans do celebrations this way?

In Japan, there is "Celebration of one's recovery." When you get over a disease, the person who got over it will send thank-you gifts to those who worried about and cared for him or her.

In Korea, people treat important friends and acquaintances to nice meals at restaurants on their birthdays. Maybe this is their way of saying "Thank you" for being a special friend.

Thank you for your information!
I enjoyed the topic.

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