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Spatiotemporal traveler - 2019/08/15 19:00

Message of Global Federal Government from the 22nd century  

We wish that everyone doesn't fall from a cliff in the 21st century.
This message is sent to  everyone who live in the 21st century for it.

In the 22nd century, Global Federal Government is ruling the earth and the solar system.
Global Federal Army makes that possible under the order of Global Federal Government.

Global Federal Congress makes Many laws.

Global Federal Courthouse is judging territorial problem.
When not following a referee, Global Federal Army behaves.
Therefore all territorial problem unsolved in the 21st century is settled.
It's stupid to settle those by the force in the 21st century.
That's wasteful. There is also a case which becomes invalid in the 22nd century.

The 21st century is a transition period from anarchy.
A world war becomes difficult by development of a nuclear weapon and the spread.
Human extinction or coexistence?  The mankind has to choose one of them.
Therefore the mankind has no choice but to bring anarchy to an end.

When leaders don't choose coexistence, it'll be to be seen as all human beings' enemy.
In the 20th century, a few leaders had the delusion they can win.
They led people's idea to a war.  In the 21st century, they can't do that.

The mankind learned human rights.
The mankind learned a plan of the 20th century delusion persons.
Therefore delusion persons will be to be judged by a trial.

You may not be able to believe that.
When winning using the force, it was not accused in the 20th century.
That isn't permitted in the 22nd century.

A war to the same mankind will be a crime to the human race.
There was a case which isn't accused in the 20th century.
But it's brought to trial certainly in the 22nd century.

It's a crime to use the force for problem solving 
besides the police activity of a Global Federal Government.

To everyone who lives in the 21st century.
It's a message from the 22nd century as "guideline in the future".

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