Hamachi Grilled with Egg-Soy Sauce Mix

Ingredients: Young yellowtail; Egg soy sauce ; Small green peppers; Soy sauce.
1. Make tiny slits in the skin of the fish (Kazari-bocho).
2. Brush on egg-soy sauce (tamago joyu), then grill.
3. Brush soy sauce on green peppers, then grill and arrange next to the fish.

Steamed Tofu Custard with Shrimp

Ingredients: Egg; Kinugoshi (soft) tofu; Shelled shrimp; Honshimeji mushrooms; Soup stock; Sake; Soy sauce; Salt; Happo soup stock; Potato starch; Yuzu (citron).
1. Mix together beaten eggs, soup stock, sake, soy sauce, salt, then strain.
2. Cut the tofu into pieces large enough so that they will stick out slightly above the surface of the egg mixture when in the cup. Place them in the cup and pour in egg mixture, then steam.
3.Quickly cook shrimp and mushrooms in the happo soup, add cornstarch paste to make silver thickener, then pour on the custard. Decorate with peaks of thinly sliced citron. When serving, decide the suitable amount of shrimp and mushrooms.

Daikon no Kurenai Zome (Red-Colored Japanese Radish)

Ingredients: Japanese radish; Plum vinegar; Yuzu (citron).
1. Use 70% of the radish, cutting them into tiny blocks. Soak in kombu (kelp) water and boil until they become soft. Then keep it chilled.
2. Grate the rest of the radish and color it with plum vinegar, then add boiled radish.
3. Cut the radish into cedar tree patterns (sugi-mori) then top with grated yuzu (ten-mori).

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