Three Appetizers

No.1/Roasted Fillet of Chicken with Plum Paste Filling

Ingredients: Fillet of chicken; Plum paste; Perilla leaves; Sake; Soy sauce; Mirin (sweet sake); Sesame oil.
1. Slice one side of the chicken fillet, through the middle (Kata-biraki). Marinate in sake, soy sauce, and mirin.
2. Remove the chicken from the marinade, open it, and layer one side with perilla leaves and plum paste, then close it.
3. Place the chicken on a baking sheet greased with sesame oil, then roast in the oven.

No.2/Two-Colored Dumplings

Pounded Shrimp
Ingredients: Shrimp; Egg white; Salt; Sake; Soy sauce; Mirin; Vinegar.
1. Shell the shrimp and rinse in water, then drain. Pound half of the shrimp until it gets sticky. Then add egg white and salt. Next add the rest of the shrimp, and coarsely pound it with the rest of the mixture.
2. Mold them into bite-sized balls, and dip surface in vinegar, to firm (Su de shimeru).
3. Mix sake, soy sauce, and mirin in a pan and boil. Add the shrimp balls. Remove from soup and serve.

Quail Eggs Baked with Sea Urchin
Ingredients: Quail eggs; Sea urchin paste; Sake.
1. Boil the quail eggs then remove shells.
2. Add sake to thin sea urchin paste, brush on the eggs, then bake in the oven.
Skewer shrimp balls alternated with quail eggs, and serve.

No.3/Grilled Yam and Ground Chicken, Isobe-Style

Ingredients: Yam, Ground chicken; Perilla leaves; Ginger;@Egg yoke; Salt; Pepper; Roasted nori (dried seaweed); Vegetable oil.
1. Grate the yam.
2. Mix together the ground chicken, perilla leaves, ginger, egg yellow, salt, pepper and then add grated ? potatoes.
3. Cut the roasted nori into eight pieces.
4. Place ground chicken mixture on top of nori, fold over, and seal with flour and water paste.
5. Fry in low temperature oil, turning it over occasionally.
Temari Zushi (handball sushi)

Ingredients: Sushi meshi (vinegared sushi rice); Smoked salmon; White fish (such as sea bream and flounder); Japanese pepper leaf.
1. Make the sushi meshi.
2. In the middle of a piece of plastic food wrap, place diagonally-cut salmon and on top of it, a bite-sized portion of rice, then mold it into a ball. For the white fish, place a piece of Japanese pepper leaf between the fish and the sushi meshi. Slice the white fish very thin so that the Japanese pepper leaf can be seen through it.
3. Serve both together to emphasize the color contrast.

Shichi-Fuku Manju (Seven-Treasure Dumpling)

Ingredients: Rice flour; Shrimp; Grilled sea eel; Chicken; Shiitake mushroom; Lily bulb; Gingko nuts; Bamboo shoots; Happo soup stock; Rape blossoms; Vegetable oil.
1. Mix the rice flour in water to make a paste.
2. Cut into one-centimeter squares the chicken, shelled shrimp, grilled sea eel, shiitake mushrooms, lily root, gingko nuts, and bamboo shoot, then cook to taste in happo soup, then remove from soup.
3. Spread the rice flour paste on the palm, place the seven ingredients inside it, then fold it over, molding it into a ball and deep fry in vegetable oil. Make sure frying is done slowly in low temperature since high temperatures will cause the dumplings to break open.
4. Heat the suiji happo soup stock and with an equal amount of water, dissolve cornstarch to make thickener and pour over the dumplings. Serve with rape blossoms that has been quickly cooked in salt water.
When the dumpling is cut in half, the seven treasure (ingredients) can be seen. This is a good luck dish. If it is made in advance, it can be steamed in a steaming pan. Best when served hot.

Jade Eggplant with Sesame-Miso Sauce

Ingredients: Eggplant; Sesame seed; White miso (fermented bean paste); Sugar; Soup stock.
1. Place the eggplants on a net and grill. After they have been grilled, put in cold water and peel off the skin and remove excess water. Cut into bite-size pieces of the same length.
2. Roast sesame seeds, then grind until they become a paste.
3. Add white miso and sugar to the ground sesame, then add this mixture to the soup stock and cook on low heat, until it becomes a thick sesame miso paste.
4. Spread the sesame-miso paste on the dish, and place the eggplant on top of it.

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